Community Development Department

The staff members of the Community Development Department have multiple responsibilities.

• The Planning Director serves as the administrator for and liaison to the Planning Commission. The activities of the Planning Commission are governed by the State of Michigan Law and City Ordinances.

• The Planning Director assists the City Commission and Planning Commission as they review master plan updates, special studies, new ordinances, rezoning requests and land use activities within the City of Walker.

• The Planning Director responds to requests for information from residents, developers, students and others interested in the City of Walker.

• The Planning Director works on grant applications, GPS/GIS mapping projects and other special topics as assigned by the City Manager, City Commission, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Downtown Development Authority.

• The Planning Director works closely with the City Engineer, Department of Public Works, Community Development Department, Police Department, Fire Department, MDOT, MDEQ and Kent County agencies while preparing projects for City Commission and Planning Commission review.


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Planning Director / Zoning Administrator
Tricia Anderson