Walker 2040 Master Plan



2020 Walker Master Plan Distribution Draft Documents: Last Modified 8/4/2020
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 2020 Walker Master Plan Draft Version for 8/26/2020 Joint Planning Commission and City Commission Work Session

Please click here to view the August 26, 2020 PC/CC Joint Work Session meeting agenda concerning the distribution draft of the 2020 Master Plan.  

The agenda includes the presentation that will be given at the meeting, as well as all the draft books of the 2020 Master Plan draft.  

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Walker Subplans & Corresponding Map:
Subplan # 1 - Northwest Edge 
More Information
Subplan # 1-A - Northridge Drive West 
More Information
Subplan # 2 - South Walker 
More Information
Subplan # 3-A - South Alpine Avenue 
More Information
Subplan # 3-B - Bristol East 
More Information

Subplan # 4-A and 4-B - Standale / Downtown Walker and West Standale 
More Information
 Subplan # 5 - Kloet and Pannell Street Area 
More Information
Subplan # 6 - Wilson and Remembrance Gateways 
More Information 

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