Pay a Ticket

A traffic citation or civil infraction is legally defined as an act or omission which is not a crime, better known as "traffic tickets".

Options Available When Issued A Traffic Ticket
1. Admit responsibility without explanation.
2. Admit responsibility with explanation/must be done in writing
3. Deny responsibility.

A. To admit responsibility:
1. You may do so in person. A defendant may appear in court (within 10 days) to admit responsibility during any normal business day. Bring your copy of the citation with you, the clerk will ask you to sign the back of the ticket admitting responsibility and issue a receipt for your payment. For citations issued in Grandville, there is a 24 hour drop box located in the lobby of the Grandville Division by the court clerk’s window.2. By mail sign the back of the ticket and mail the payment and ticket to the 59th District Court within the required time (10 days) stated on the ticket.3. By representation appearance (within 10 days) by a representative is made when a defendant authorizes another person to come before the court and admit responsibility or make payment on your behalf. Your representative must bring with them the traffic citation with your signature on the back.
B. Admit Responsibility with an explanation:
1. Sign the back of the ticket (within 10 days) admitting responsibility, include your letter of explanation – do not send in a payment at this time.Note: The purpose is to present mitigating factors. If you present claims that you did not do it or it was not your fault, it will be scheduled for a hearing.The court will read your explanation and either mail you a response with an amount owing, or ask you to explain at a hearing.
C. Deny responsibility:
1. You must contact the court within the time required (within 10 days) and request that a contested hearing be scheduled. The court will mail you a notice of the hearing date.

What happens if I do not show for the hearing?

Failure to attend the scheduled hearing will result in the court entering a default judgment against you and a notice of fines and costs will be mailed to the last known address we have on file. If payment is not made within the stated time frame, your license will be suspended and additional fees will be added until the matter is resolved by payment or the default judgment is set aside. The request to set aside a default must be filed within 14 days after the court sends notice to you of the judgment. A showing of good cause is required.

What happens if I do not pay the traffic ticket?

Your drivers license will become suspended through the Michigan Department of Secretary of State.

Method of Payment

  • Cash – if payment is made in person
  • Personal Check (no out-of-state checks or starter checks)
  • Money Orders
  • Credit card – most major cards accepted (Click here for instructions)