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Governor Whitmer has issued a "Stay At Home" Executive Order that will go into effect tonight at midnight.
Per the latest order, the City of Walker is now officially on "essential services only". With the exception of Police and Fire, staffing is at a bare minimum for only those services deemed essential to keep the city running. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or one of your Ward Commissioners for clarification.
There have already been some questions come in since we closed public access to City Hall operations early last week with regards to bill payments or even ballot applications. Outside of City Hall, there are convenient drop boxes located next to the US Mailboxes. Please use those as there will not be staffing available inside City Hall to take these from you.
Thank you for your understanding as we continue to prioritize the health and safety of the public we serve and our city employees. We are in challenging times and the sooner we can make an impact on the virus, the sooner we can get back to some normalcy.

The Rapid will temporarily be making changes to its existing routes starting today, view their media release. 

 With all the change going on with the Coronavirus efforts, I wanted to communicate some local updates with you. These should provide clarity to our recent actions at the city, and our plans going forward. I believe it is important to note that we cannot control mandates that are driven from the Federal or State level. However, we can control our actions and plans at the local level and I can confidently state we are. Beginning last week, our city leadership team has started to meet first thing every morning with updates and any actions we need to take. I continue to have reinforced that there is nothing we cannot handle and overcome. Additionally, many of us are in contact multiple times each day with Kent County and the Health Department as well as other cities in our area. Below are some actions already taken, and plans for additional areas:
  • Today at noon, we shut down public access to non-essential services in City Hall
  • Tomorrow at noon, public access to the Clerk’s office will be closed as well. This means there will be no physical access to City Hall, yet all departments are available via phone or email
  • Last night we closed the Walker Ice and Fitness Center to eliminate any potential risk that we had, specifically with our seniors
  • Today, we also closed access to all rental usage of city buildings
The timeline for reopening of all of these as of now is April 5, but that is subject to change.

Last night, I spent time with one of our city managers at the Emergency Operations Center at the Kent County Health Department. I was given a boost of confidence with the leadership we have in place that is informing and guiding us through these trying times. The Health Department’s website and Facebook video updates continue to be the best resource for the residents and businesses in Walker.
As far as how long these times will last and how much more difficult can it get? While the exact answer to both is unknown, I suggest being prepared for a few weeks of increasing inconvenience and probably some more change coming from the Federal and State levels. Remember though, those actions are outside of our control and we need to keep that in perspective. These trying times will soon pass, yet they will probably become more challenging before then. I know there are a lot of questions right now that have many concerned, and that’s ok and perfectly normal. If we stay focused to following the practices and guidelines from our Health Department and the CDC, we can start to make progress on our efforts battling this virus. In addition to the strict adherence with the preventive efforts, I would ask that we all take advantage of the warmer weather this week while at home and get outside for some fresh air and exercise while keeping that respectful social distance from others.
We will win this battle if we continue to display the resilience, grit, care and compassion that Walker is known for. Look out for each other and we can and will get through this together.

MARCH 16, 2020 UPDATE:

For the safety of all and in the practice of social distancing, all events and meetings held at the City of Walker, Walker Fire Station Community Rooms and the Walker Ice & Fitness Center will be canceled until April 5, 2020* at 11:59 p.m. This includes our:

  • Commission Meetings
  • Planning Commission & ZBA Meetings
  • Business Safety Seminar hosted by Walker PD
  • City of Walker Annual Easter Egg Hunt

*Date is subject to change.

As a result of a Kent County Public Health Order, all food service establishments, entertainment facilities and physical fitness centers will limit occupancy load to 50% excluding employees to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community. This will go into effect tomorrow, March 16 at 10:00 a.m. until April 5 at 11:59 p.m.
In response, Mayor Gary Carey has exercised his authority to order the closing of the Walker Ice & Fitness Center in the interest of our residents' public health and safety effective Monday, March 16 until April 5. Membership questions will be answered by staff on Monday.

We thank you for your understanding during this time. Further details will be shared as they are available. We will continue to keep our residents and businesses updated through our website, social media pages and email alerts. 

Please refer to the Centers for Disesase Control and Prevention's website for credible information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

To subscribe to COVID-19 alerts for Kent County, please vist Access Kent.