Mayor Pro Tem Gilbert

Hello, to my friends and neighbors in the City of Walker. My name is Steven Gilbert. I was elected to the City Commissioner in 2017 andCommissioner Gilbert I am proud to serve as Walker's Mayor Pro Tem. I have been a resident of the City of Walker my entire life. I graduated from Kenowa Hills High School in 2011, and Grand Valley State University in 2015. I am happily married and live in Walker’s first ward with my wife, Raelynn, and our pets, Lucy and Indiana.

I began my work with the City of Walker as a Planning Commissioner. I was first appointed to the Planning Commission in January of 2015 and was elected Secretary by my peers in July of 2016. I had the chance to review many important projects during that time and have been very grateful to have that opportunity to give back to my community.

Since then, I have continued to serve on the Planning Commission and currently serve on the City’s Ordinance Committee as chair, Finance Committee, Building Committee, and Emergency Planning Committee. In addition to these roles, I also represent the City of Walker on The Rapid (ITP) Board of Directors.

As a City Commissioner, I hope to maintain our strong business climate and continue the thriving, purposeful development of our City. Preserving and enhancing local roads and infrastructure are among my top priorities. I want to ensure that residents and families in Walker have access to roads and bridges that are dependable and well-maintained. I also believe that supporting and investing in our public safety team is vital for the health, safety, and security of our City.

If you should ever need anything from me, please do not hesitate to contact me by calling or texting 616-828-7763 or by email.

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