Thom Burke

Elected Officials
Title: Commissioner
Phone: 619-379-6036
Thom Burke

The Walker City Commission unanimously appointed Thom Burke in June 2021 to fill the open role created by the resignation of former Commissioner Marv Raap.

Commissioner Burke served a 31-year career in the United States Navy as a Pilot and Ship Captain. During his time in the Navy, Thom served as the Commanding Officer of the USS Ronald Reagan (aircraft carrier) and the USS Blue Ridge. Amongst many other military leadership roles, Thom also served as the Executive Officer of the USS George H.W. Bush. He currently works in the defense sector doing government relations and business development. Thom and his family live in the Greenridge area of Walker's First Ward.

Commissioner Burke received his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan and received his Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University.

You can reach Commissioner Burke at (619) 379- 6036, or by Email.


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