General Property Tax Information

The City of Walker collects property taxes on behalf of the following taxing authorities: Comstock Park Public Schools, Grandville Public Schools, Kenowa Hills Public Schools, State of Michigan State Education Tax (SET), Kent Intermediate School District (KISD), Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), Interurban Transit Partnership, Kent County, Kent District Library and the City of Walker.

How to Calculate Your Property Tax

Learn how to calculate a property tax bill or view millage rate information. Please be advised that a one % (1%) property tax administration fee is added to each property tax bill as allowed by State of Michigan law.

Property Tax Billing, Due Dates & Late Fees

Each property in the City of Walker receives two tax bills per calendar year, namely summer and a winter tax bill. The summer tax bill is mailed July 1st and is due on September 14. The winter tax bill is mailed on December 1st and is due on February 14. The summer bill is the larger of the two bills and represents over 90% of the annual property tax.

Property tax payments are due in our office by 5 pm on the bill's due date. Postmarks are not accepted as the date of payment. Payments received after the bill's due date are subject to late fees. For the summer tax bill, a late fee of one % (1%) interest is added to the unpaid bill on September 15. On October 1, an additional four % (4%) penalty is added to the unpaid bill. Additional interest of 1% per month is added to the unpaid bill on the first day of each month from November through February. For the winter bill, a penalty of 3% is added on February 15. On March 1st, unpaid summer and winter real property taxes are turned over to the Kent County Treasurer for collection per State of Michigan law. Unpaid personal property taxes remain the responsibility of the City of Walker.

Property Tax Payments

View property tax payment information and options.

Principal Residence Exemption (or Homestead Exemption)

In order for a property to qualify for the Principal Residence Exemption, the owner of the property must occupy the property as of May 1st of the current tax year. The owner must also have filed a Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit with the Walker Assessors Office. A property that receives the Principal Residence Exemption status is relieved of 18 mills for school operating property tax. View Principal Residence Exemption qualifications and forms.

Summer Tax Deferment

Summer property tax deferments are offered to senior citizens (62 years of age or older), certain veterans, and handicapped individuals that have a household income of $40,000 or less. If deferred, the summer property tax becomes due at the same time as the winter property tax bill, which is February 14. The purpose of the deferment is to allow the taxpayer to file for a Homestead Credit from the State of Michigan and use the refund to help pay for the property tax. Please contact our office or visit the State of Michigan website (PDF) for more information and the Summer Tax Deferment form (PDF).